About Bryan

I live in Toronto Canada where I have worked in the visual effects industry where I have written various application, tool, and pipeline software . I started out doing technical rigging of things like monsters and explosions than later gravitated towards coding tools and automation in languages like python, C/C++, MEL. You can see a list of the movies I’ve worked on at IMDB

I grew up in Burlington I went to school at mohawk college. I later moved to Toronto and studied at the Toronto Film School and started my career in computer animation.

The internet has evolved so rapidly from it’s beginnings. At present most of the technology we have in our lives directly connects to it. The last couple years, I have focused more on web development with languages like javascript and go (golang) and frameworks ecosystems like react, react-native, redux, Node.js


At a very young age I have been fascinated with how the world works. When I was old enough to use my fathers tools to the horror of my parents, I began disassembling things like the family VCR.

My desire to learn has lead me on some interesting paths and has shaped who I am today. Some of these areas are; discrete and embedded electronics, robotics, machine learning, photogrammetry, industrial design, science, chemistry, biology, entrepreneurship, and business startup.


I have picked up and worked on many projects over time. Some of the more notable ones are listed below:

  • I have a YouTube channel called Howies Lab where I put interesting things under a microscope.
  • I created a video game in the Unity engine called Destination Mars about mars exploration with resource gathering.
  • The last year I have been flying FPV drones and even designed one.
  • I have a 3d printer that I used to create prototypes and other random things.
  • I also have a 3d printed metal jewelry online business Tin Lynx where I create custom jewelry using 3d software.
  • I have designed and built a number of robotic walking, balancing and flying vehicles that involve mechanics CAD design, digital electronics and embedded software.

Spare Time

In my spare time I enjoy reading and picking up new projects that interest me. I don’t watch much television but do enjoy movies and playing games. I love to create things from ideas, and working on these projects I enjoy doing the most.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me from me by email bhowiebkr@gmail.com, my Youtube channels, Linkedin, GitHub, or any other social platforms I happen to be found on.