Welcome to my blog!

My name is Bryan Howard and on this website I will be documenting all the many projects, thoughts and ideas that rattle around in my head.

I started out in my career in Visual Effects working on film’s creating monsters and exploding things such as cars and planes. I started out in this industry specializing in the technical side of visual effect in an area called Rigging. Rigging is the artform of giving something the ability to have movement to an otherwise static model. You can think of it as creating a puppet with controls, adding computer generated bones and muscles as well. The end result is a poseable character or prop that an animator would then animate to bring it to life.

Over the years I focused more heavily into code. I started out writing automated scripts to help get my work done faster. Later I was writing tools to help other departments and generally improving the speed of workflow of the studio. Over time I changed from doing mostly rigging and a little code, into doing entirely software development, writing standalone tools, plugins for rendering applications, and building pipelines for asset/data management. Building the backbone and infrastructure that a visual effects studio run on top of.

I started out scripting in a language named MEL at work and later moved over to Python and sometimes C/C++ for writing plugins. The entire visual effects industry has gone with Python as the main go-to language and just about every main tool that visual effects artists use has some form of API backend you can connect to with it. Lately I’ve been focusing more on web and have been using languages like JavaScript and go (golang), HTML/CSS and using frameworks like React, and React Native.

Outside of work I’m constantly working on new and interesting projects. Over the years I’ve gotten into things such as robotics, electronics, 3d printing, microbiology, drones, machine learning, business startups, video game design to name a few.

My goal of this website is to write about these things past and present and mostly for me to look back in many years time. Some of the projects I’ve done, I hope to write about as they might be useful for others.

For those that are interested, My website is created with Hugo. Hugo is a static website generator written in go (golang) and is similar to Jakyll. For a website I wanted to have something that was very simple and fast to get and running. I definitely recommend it to you if you’ve thought about creating your own website. If you have any questions send me a message or leave a comment at the bottom. Enjoy.

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